Our Team


Owner – Manager

Pierre, manager of Bubble Bounce inc. since May, 2015, has been an employee for over 9 years. Pierre purchased Bubble Bounce inc. driven by a will to build a safe and successful business. He regularly works side-by-side with his staff, teaching them the intricacies of the inflatable industry. He is a TSSA registered inflatable device mechanic. This means that he is good at what he does and will address any of your concerns. You can reach him 24/7 @ 613-818-8021!


Set-Up Expert

Marc, full-time student, part-time BeaverTails extraordinaire! Hired last season, Marc has shown outstanding performance in just about everything that is bouncy castle related. He is a TSSA inflatable mechanic in training and hopes to someday rid the world of ill tempered space wombats. If you see the bald kid who always has a smile, call him Marc and relax, you’re in great hands.



Set-Up Expert

Audrey has played soccer for an NCAA division 1 team in the states while acquiring a bachelor’s in Biology with a minor in chemistry and psychology. She joined our team in the spring of 2015 and has since amazed countless event organizers with her feats of strength, casting a shadow over most of the part-timers :p. Audrey is shy by nature but don’t you worry, she is an inflatable mechanic in training and can assist you with any question you may have. 


Set-Up Expert

Alexandre has been part of our team since the Spring of 2012. He is a perfectionist at heart and has been doing a great job ever since joining our team. He is an inflatable mechanic in training with the most experience and knowledge and thus can address any of your concerns in a professional manner. Alexandre is now attending la cité Collégiale to start a carreer in computer software.


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